Weird behaviour

Weird, weird, weird. Sometimes, you just cannot understand what people have in their mind. The house where Mee and I live at the moment is considered quite peaceful with no change of roommates and not major problems except one. But that does not annoy us much because we seldom see him. The thing we find weird is that for some reason, he does what he likes as if he owns the house.

He always leaves the corridor light on and he opens the kitchen’s door and windows but seldom closes them back. There were some occasions where he slept over at his friend’s house but left the bedroom’s light on. A funnier version was that he could leave the bathroom with the tap running. He is quite a forgetful person and he does remember to lock his room’s door as well as the main door. Oh yeah, on one occasion, he actually left his car’s windows wound down over the night.

Furthermore, he likes curry and each time he cooks, the whole kitchen smells curry. He does not really care about people who live in the house. What he could do is to open the kitchen’s door and windows but he seldom does it. Funnily, he bought some candle and lit one each time after cooking. Our landlord was not really happy because he usually left the candle and went back to his room. As a result, our landlord confiscated the rest of the candles and we are not sure whether it was right for our landlord to do so.

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