Windows 7 temptation

The reviews about Windows 7 have been great, or perhaps greater than Windows Vista. Most people would say Windows Vista is sluggish and hungry while most people would say Windows 7 is better and faster than Windows Vista by miles. That is also part of the reason where I left a blank partition in my hard disk drive. I was thinking of installing Windows Vista on that partition but Windows 7 has made me abandoning the idea. Surprisingly, Windows 7 has a minimum requirement of 1 GHz processor speed, 1GB RAM, 16GB hard disk space and a Directx 9.0 graphics device. But I do not think that is the kind of specifications where Windows 7 could live in.

The lowest price I could get for Windows 7 now is around £50 for Windows 7 home basic while £90 for Windows 7 professional. I believe that they are a real bargain. Our computer specifications now are Intel Pentium Core Duo E5200 2.5GHz, 2GB ddr2 RAM, 500GB hard disk drive and onboard Intel GMA3100 graphic card. Hence, I am pretty sure that our computer would work well with Windows 7 in it.

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  1. Chinaren

    Before you do ‘upgrade’, you may want to ask yourself: ‘Why?’

    I assume you run XP. Why do you need to upgrade?

    Early releases are often buggy, and unless you’re a techy, will probably give you problems.

    It’s worth waiting a while, both for Ms to iron out the bugs, and for developers to catch up with the Vista sw. (Create drivers etc).

    Of course, you could always try a variety of Linux!

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