Surprises …

This week is the second week without my manager. Everything still works and nothing breaks. I am busy as always and there will be a system upgrade after my manager comes back. I reckon that the system upgrade is not that urgent that it has to be done this week. Anyway, I will take sometime to prepare the necessary things for the system upgrade this week.

Surprisingly, I received an invoice this morning. The college’s workshop charged me with a repair on my car which has never been performed. I had already email-ed the mechanic saying that I will be sending my car to another workshop, and I got a reply from him saying that it was fine. Hmm.. I will have to go down to finance to get the bottom of it.

Another surprise is that Mee’s Sony Ericsson C903 has stopped working. It does not charge or power up. We wonder what happen to it since it was working all right yesterday. I will have to call 3 customer services and see what they can do for us. I hope it will be an exchange rather than sending it back for repair.

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