Making Samsung Omnia works for me …

I am on the verge of uninstalling SPB Mobile Shell from my Samsung Omnia. No doubt it is a great piece of mobile application but the customisations are limited to within the program. If I were to make my own widgets, I will have to create them myself through some scripting. There are quite a lot of customised widgets out there but they are not useful to me. Currently, I have SPB Mobile Shell plus SPB Mobile Shell Skins installed. The ability of changing some of the icons in SPB Mobile Shell has made me stick on to SPB Mobile Shell until I found out Wisbar Advance Desktop.

Wisbar Advance Desktop enables users to customize the whole layout of Today screen as well as adding multiple pages, docks, gestures, scripts and many more. Scripts in Wisbar Advance Desktop are quite easy to use understand because the scripts themselves are some procedures with easy to understand descriptions. The whole concept of Wisbar Advance Desktop, to my understanding, is using the if-then-else concept. Each link created can have its own icon attached to it. And it is not about an icon, it is about two icons; one display icon and one pressed icons. After fiddling around with Wisbar Advance Desktop, I found that the functions are incredible detail and so far, I have not experienced any program crash or error.

Soon, bye bye SPB Mobile Shell!

It has been weeks since I last login to Facebook. Funny, huh? I used to be quite active for like a week or two but now, Facebook is not in my routine anymore. Maybe I am occupied by the customising of Samsung Omnia programs as well as playing The Sims 3. Time is never enough but still, I am glad that Mee and I manage to keep ourselves busy everyday.

Right now my focus is still on gaining weight. If our mechanical scale is correct, I gained 5kg in the span of two months and I am still underweight. I hope to gain another 5kg and based on current calculations, it will take another two months. Keep going!

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