Wisbar Advance Dekstop customisation progress …

Wisbar Advance Desktop - Zen 2 Skin

Following yesterday post, I have removed SPB Mobile Shell from the startup but I have not uninstalled it. I am currently using Wisbar Advance Desktop, slowly configuring, and skinning it to my liking. Most of the icon links are not working at the moment as I am only at the stage of creating my own lock screen. The lock screen that comes together with the screen was not exactly a lock screen. What the original script did was hide all existing widgets and display some lock buttons and time. Upon unlocking, it will again show all the widgets while hiding the lock buttons and time.

Thus, I created a new page and recreated the lock page. It is working great now. I just wish that future upgrade would include a setting where users can select which widgets to be edited or which page to be edited. At the moment, I can jump to another page just like that. I will have to create a button that will jump to the other page in order to edit that particular page. Troublesome but great fun!

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