Aquadrome getting worst …

Weird day, as usual. Yesterday spinning class did not go too well for Mee and me. The bikes were shaky and we find them difficult to handle. We felt weak unlike the previous week where we felt great. It is just funny how things could change in the span of few days. Hopefully, the new facility manager will get the bikes fixed as soon as possible. Furthermore, the Jacuzzi is not working and the only thing that is working is the steam room. Hence, it is almost pointless for us to use the health suite.

Mee’s Sony Ericsson C903 was sent for repair yesterday. In the repair form, it stated that they aim to repair the mobile within 7 days and hopefully, we will be able to collect it by the end of next week. It is frustrating that even the latest mobile phone nowadays can suffer from hardware problems and Mee had it for less than a month. I am absolutely sure that Mee had taken good care of it and flashing the software did not revive the phone either.

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