Short update …

Last Saturday, the weather was nice. As usual, Mee went to work while I went to the gym; spinning and weighing. I was not feeling good, as if something was missing. I could not figure it out anyway. Maybe, I did not do enough warm up. On Sunday, Mee went to work from 1600 to 2100. After taking her to work, I went to the gym again. I did a proper warm up and I could feel that my body was working much better. Still, the Jacuzzi was closed, leaving both the Steam Room and Sauna Room working. Well, at least the Sauna Room was working but who knows how long it can last?

My manager is back while our department manager is away for two weeks. Well, I will take two days off next week and most probably, two days every week from next week because my leaves expire at the end of August.

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