Cambelt change …

Mee went to Morrisons just now to discuss something with the personnel manager. The personnel manager had promised her that she will be in the office around but her shift changed to 1300. Hence, Mee came by to have lunch with me. When she reached home just now, she discovered that the engine oil that I bought was not in the living room where we placed it previously. In the end, Mee found out that our landlord has taken it to the storage room at the back of the house. Apparently, he was told by someone that the engine oil belongs to one of the housemates who have moved out. Well, the landlord does not live with us and he should not be moving things which do not belong to him.

I have not been doing useful posts lately, hmm…. just recording my daily life. That is the purpose of My Ideas 4 You but I seem to have left behind All My Reviews due to my work load as well as the new software that I am trying out on Samsung Omnia. In addition, I have to book my car in to a workshop in order to replace the cambelt. In Malaysia, they call it timing belt. Mee and I are looking forward to have it done next week, on my days off. I guess this is a reminder for me to get quotes from various workshops.

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