Cambelt change service booked …

Hmm… I just booked my car in for the cambelt change. The workshop is the same workshop where I got rid of the engine light illumination problem. I was quoted a different price previously and apparently, the price I was quoted now is cheaper, a lot cheaper. I even asked whether they have a different package of cambelt change service but I was told that is the standard price. Sometimes, when things are a little bit cheap, it seems too good to be true. I was quite reluctant at first, stuttered a few seconds, trying to make the decision. But well, since it is not the first time I have dealt with the workshop, it should not be a problem, I think.

I tried calling the local Ford dealer but no one was there to pick up my phone call. I recalled that I was quoted more than 500 quid for the cambelt kit. I reckon that Ford dealer might do a better job than the local workshop. But that may just be my very own opinion.

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