New work computer …

What a nice day today! Don’t know why but it just happens to be a nice day because it has been bright and sunny since morning. This evening, the server will be shut down and tomorrow, the whole college’s power will be cut off because there are works to be carried out around the college. Previously, it has been said that the works will be carried out on Monday but it has proved to be too much of a hassle.

The good news today is that the IT department has bought some new computers and my team, the MIS, will be eligible to update our computers to the new one. However, we do not know how soon the computers will be available to us. Prior to that, I will have to install all the necessary software when the computers arrived.

I use Megaupload a lot and I have registered a normal account user. The difference between a normal account user to a guest is that the wait is only 25 seconds compared to 45 seconds. However, recently I do not have to wait at all and I can have multiple downloads at once. I wonder if it was a happy hour kind of thing but that has been going on for days. Great!

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