Long weekend …

Long weekend has gone. Surprisingly, I did not check my email accounts for two days. I did not even update my blog for four days though it was normal for me not to update my blog during weekends. Maybe I was just lazy. Today, my manager is not coming into the office because he is not feeling well. Well, I am already used to it now and I will be able to handle things calmly in his absence.

Last Friday, Mee got her mobile phone back from Three. I am not surprised that they replaced the mobile phone, as they were not able to fix the ‘old’ one. I have tried to re-flash the ‘old’ unit but it just would not charge or boot up properly. Anyway, Mee and I were glad that Three replaced the phone.

On Sunday, Mee and I went to Colindale. Mee had her facial treatment for the first time in months since she came back from Malaysia. Mee was offered a machine-acupuncture-treatment which left a few red and circle marks on her arms and neck. I called them pepperoni. It has been days and the marks are still quite visible. The lady who treated Mee called them ‘stress’ marks. Before Mee had her facial treatment, we went to Wing Yip Colindale to run some errands; buying stuffs where we could not get them from local supermarkets.

On Tuesday, our car was sent into the workshop for the long awaited cambelt kit change. The car was in the workshop for 5 hours but I doubted that the work took 5 hours. Anyway, it was all done and I have one less thing to worry about. I was told about the spark plugs are old and they did not want to change it as they have quoted me with the standard price for only the cambelt kit change. Well, is that how they do their business? I mean they have my mobile phone number and they could have called me up and asked if I would like to change the spark plugs. On the other hand, if they did call me, my answer would be ‘no’ since I will have our car booked in for a full service soon. The funny thing was that our car is dark red and they typed in blue in the invoice. How wrong could they get?

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