New computer …

What a day! My computer showed a system error message after a reboot. If I clicked OK, it would reboot itself. The IT personnel could not find a way to get around it. Thus, they decided to rebuild a new computer for me instead of my original computer because the new computers are meant to replace the MIS team’s computers. This new computer that I have is a Core 2 Duo machine even though in Windows XP system properties, it is showing Intel Pentium III Xeon processor. It is a known problem even in Windows XP Service Pack 3. The RAM has doubled and it is utilising SATA hard drive connection. Undoubtedly, it is fast but I have to install all the programs myself, as the default system image does not contain the programs that we, as in MIS, use.

Mee is not feeling well these few days maybe because of over-exercising. She skipped yesterday’s body attack class and she will skip today’s spinning class as well. I attended the body attack class and I must say that the heat was unbearable as the air conditioning in the room was not in working condition. Thus, it will not be a good idea for Mee to attend the spinning class today lest the air conditioning has yet to be fixed.

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    is my first time to visitign here, wow ur blog is so very very nice…and ur articles to, i’m glad to be here and i think maybe i found something to learn in here….thanks my friends

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