Weekend at Mudeford, Christchurch …

Another week passed. For the past four days, I have online for not more than 2 hours in total. I am not sure why but I was just lack of the interest to browse or even blogging. Hopefully, I will be able to recompose myself soon enough. In addition, my web host was in a mess for the last few days, causing both of my blogs to not loading normally.

I have just logged on to my broadband web account and on top of the page, it stated that my home broadband size was still M but the speed was 10MB. I wonder how true it was and I shall be checking it out when I got home. It will be interesting if it is 10MB.

On Sunday, Mee and I went to Mudeford, Christchurch. It is a nice beach and charming fishing village located about 1 hour away from where we live and 10 minutes away from Bournemouth. It was a lovely day and we were glad that we arrived early in the morning, as there were still plenty of parking spaces. Upon arriving there, dozens of people were crab fishing. There was a small island opposite Mudeford Quay called Sandbank and there was a ferry service operating around every 12 minutes, charging £1.20 for adult and 60 pence for children. As it was Sunday, the queue was long with most people bringing their dogs and beach equipment.

It only took 5 minutes to reach Sandbank. Along the Sandbank, there were beach huts available for rent. I did a search on the internet and the beach huts cost from £200 a week and they are without electricity and water inside the hut. The nearer the beach huts to the public toilet, the rental will be more expensive. No doubt Sandbank is a very nice and relaxing place. I told Mee that I can be there for days without computers or games.

Back at the Mudeford Quay, more people arrived and the parking spaces were full. It was bright and sunny and more people were crab fishing. We walked to the other side of Mudeford Quay and there was another beach called Avon beach. It was a stony beach but the beach was crowded with people sun bathing as well as BBQ-ing. Just beside the beach, there were more vacation houses available for rent. Those vacation houses were better equipped and nevertheless, higher rentals.

Overall, it was a nice experience at Mudeford, Christchurch and Mee and I might be going there next weekend again.

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