Days off ruined …

Busy days ahead. I have applied for two days off next week but because of the absence of a supplier who was supposed to do a software demo today; I have to cancel one of the two days off. Well, all the blames on the supplier and he did not even bother to inform me earlier. Anyway, we might not purchase the software from him because approvals from various departments will just take time and we are in urgent need of similar software. Otherwise, we will just revert back to the old ways of doing things for this year.

Mee and I did our weight test just last week. My weight is just about right now and I am no longer in the underweight category. Still, I would like to increase 5 to 10 kg ideally. Mee, on the other hand, still moan about her weight. Well, she has the ideal BMI and everything just looks perfect for her. In my opinion, she looks firmer and healthier now. All she should do now is to abandon the thought of getting lighter but maintaining the weight. Thankfully, the health suite was in full working condition for the last two weeks.

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