Lazy days

Of all the classes at Aquadrome that Mee and I attended are supposed to be acting as fat burners and fun to those who attended. However, we are not enjoying as much as we had at the moment. Some of the classes were cancelled while some classes have a change in instructor. Replacement instructors have made us realised how good our original instructors were. Now, we just hope that our instructors have a great holiday and will be back with us as soon as possible.

Yesterday, the Step class was cancelled but I still went to Aquadrome to do weight lifting exercise. The weather was great but surprisingly, there were lots of people in the gym. Often, there were a few people taking turns in order to use one of the machines.

In a few days time, I shall publish some photos taken at the Mudeford beach as well as the Marwell Zoological Park. I have yet to copy them into my computer though.

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