Busy days ahead …

It is really rare that my blogs were left untouched for days. I have not been away from home but I am really busy at work. Partly because of the testing and troubleshooting of the latest system upgrade site wide. We encountered a few problems but fortunately, we were able to solve most of them ourselves as well as with the help of the IT support here. The latest system upgrade involved some installation of Windows software and apparently, the executables of our upgraded system do not work very well with computers which do not have the latest Windows software or updates. Luckily, all was not as bad as what we had imagined. Surprisingly, I have not had any coffee in the office since a week ago. How amazing?

Mee and I went to Portsmouth last Sunday. The weather was hot and sunny. We visited the BlueReef Aquarium thinking that it might be better than the London Aquarium as the brochure looked very much like an underwater experience. However, we were both disappointed in the end. It was small and nothing much to see. We then went to the car boot sales nearby. It was a huge site and we spent more than an hour there. Mee reckoned that we would be bored if there were no car boot sales that day. I have become darker and darker. I wonder if my skin will become whiter if I stop exposing my skin under the sun.

I have an urge to tidy up our room this weekend. But that will include sacrificing my movie time. I am quite reluctant but it will be really good to tidy up our room. Till then, I need to do some planning on how to sort out our room. Not really sure whether I could squeeze some place out of our room??!!!

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