Sony Vaio W Netbook

I received a brochure from Comet recently and it advertised massive savings on digital camera, digital video recorder, LCD and Plasma television and netbooks. Talking about netbooks, , the chances of using my Samsung Netbook have become lesser and lesser since joining Aquadrome. There are not many reasons for me to use my netbook at home since I have done most of my online stuffs in the office. One of the netbooks which Comet advertised in its brochure was the Sony Vaio netbook. The design was what I was looking forward to have in a netbook before I bought the Samsung NC10 netbook. The keyboard looks fabulous and the hardware specification is the same as Samsung NC10. However, it costs £110 more and the battery only lasts around 2 hours. As much as I like about the whole Sony Vaio thing, I believe that I will still choose Samsung NC10 in the end.

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