Addicted to spinning …

I had my first spinning class because the instructor was trying to fill up a half full class. It was Saturday and Mee was working while I worked out at the gym. I was half way through my weight training session when the instructor spotted me in the gym and asked if I would like to join the spinning class. She was also the pilates instructor. I agreed and never thought that spinning class required that much energy. I told Mee about it and found out that there is also a Thursday spinning class. Since then, Mee and I have always gone to the Thursday spinning class while I still continue the Saturday spinning class. Well, that is two class per week for me then. Few classes later, I felt pain on my right foot and consulted the instructor. She said that I should get a pair mountain bike shoes.

I first went to a bike store recommended by the instructor. First impression, all the shoes were dark in color and quite heavy. So, Mee suggested that I search online and I did. From there on, I learned that there are so much to learn about biking. Just few days ago, I found a reasonably priced mountain bike shoes and I ordered it last Friday. I cannot wait for it to arrive and use the shoes on Thursday.

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