It has been a long time since I last used my Samsung NC10 netbook. Today, it took nearly 10 minutes before I could use it to type my blog. Well, it was not something wrong with the netbook. It was just because of all the updates of software and Windows as well as the antivirus. The netbook itself is not very good at multitasking, therefore, it would be wise to wait until all the updates were done before I start to do my own task.

It has been a few years since the first netbook was introduced. I am still very pleased with Samsung NC10 performance and I am quite surprised that newer netbooks are still equipped with Intel Atom N270 or the latest Intel Atom N280. In the world of Core 2 Duo machines, I would have thought that Intel would probably start to produce a version of Intel Atom Core 2 Duo or something similar. Needless to say, the cost would be higher but I am sure that computer users would fork out that sort of money to get the best performance. Some people might say that netbooks will not be netbooks if it is a powerful Core 2 Duo machine. But with the same characteristic of 10” screen, DVD-ROM-less, I consider it a netbook even with a powerful processor.

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