On my PSP again …

These days, I found myself back into the PSP scene. I continue my WRX championship and I am surprised that I am still able to compete. My PSP firmware is still 5.00 M33 and I am hoping to upgrade it in a few days time, as it is unable to play some latest games such as Need for Speed Shift and SoulCalibur. Talking about PSP, I am also surprised that I am not really keen on getting newer PSPs as my phat PSP still does the job. The only two things that are bothering me are the inconsistent joystick control and the screen brightness.

My weight gain plan seems to have stopped. Well, I am not the one who has stopped though. It seems like my weight does not go up anymore even though I have tried to eat as much as I can in a day. Believe it or not, I am having two dinners most of the time. Maybe I have to eat more in the office, something which I find it hard to maintain.

My swimming lessons ended last Monday but guess what, I have re-enrolled for another session and it will start today. Sadly, I am still on the beginner class. However, I do not hope on going to intermediate class any sooner because I would like to master the basic skills first.

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