PSP update failed

My diet supplement came with a free sample again. This time, it was their new V-pump product in lemon flavour. I wonder what it will taste like. My previous diet supplement came with a vanilla whey protein sample. Well, I do not really like vanilla flavour if compared to strawberry cheesecake and chocolate orange flavours. I wonder if I will get any top diet pills sample when I order next time.


As stated in my previous post, I am back at PSP scene purely because of some the games which are available in the market now. As I am using custom firmware, the highest that I could upgrade to is 5.50 instead of the latest 6.00. Hopefully, the custom firmware version 6.00 will be available soon since the much awaited Gran Turismo will be released in October. Rumour has it that Gran Turismo will only run on firmware version 6.00.

However, I am going to stick to 5.00M33 revision 3 custom firmware for now. I tried to update it to revision 6 but was unsuccessful. I am going to try it again tonight using Hellcat Recovery Flash and I can start playing Need for Speed Shift. Otherwise, I might have to upgrade it to 5.50Gen-B2, another version of custom firmware. Fingers crossed!

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