Protect myself

Weeks ago, I have to fix a spare computer in my department manager’s room. The network cable from the port to the computer was about 5 meters long and the network cable head was damaged. I phoned up the IT support department but was told that they did not have any network cable that long. Hence, I decided to position the computer near to the network port. However, there was a huge printer and a heavy cabinet blocking the network port.

I tried to move them myself but they were just too heavy. I asked my manager for help but he told me to check with the site supervisor to move huge and heavy stuffs. After all, we would not want to injure ourselves and we are not supposed to move stuffs.

Two days later, the spared computer was positioned near to the network port. Surprisingly, the printer was gone and the cabinet was moved away from the network port. I am still wondering how they moved the heavy cabinet. Did they have any fall protection equipment to protect themselves? Anyway, that was another job done and at least now I know that I should always ask for the ‘professional’ help as I might end up injuring myself.

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