A free three course meal …

I had a surprise call from a colleague of another department. He invited me to lunch at the college’s restaurant and he said that it will be a free three course meal. Immediately, I asked why it was free and he said that on and off, the college’s restaurant would invite staffs to go over for a free meal as a practise for the students. In addition, the staffs in his department have a good relationship with the staffs at the restaurant. Well, I agreed. We tried to invite some other colleagues but in the end, there were only two of us.

The food was good actually. I had a salmon dish for starter and roast beef for my main course. I ordered a cappuccino instead of the dessert. That was my first time eating at the college’s restaurant since I worked here two years ago. I must say the overall experience was good as everything was supervised by the staffs at the restaurant. Well, everything except the decoration.

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