Decision, decision, decision

Mee and I have decided to go on a vacation in Barcelona, Spain. As mentioned in my previous post, most of my colleagues are either have a holiday booked in a few weeks’ time or have already come back from their holiday. It seems like a trend and I know some of them will be away from home during Christmas too.

We have not booked the flight and hotel yet as choosing the right hotel is kind of difficult. Sometimes, I just thought that I could just book the flight and hotel package where I thought the price was right but I was back in the reluctant mood again as soon as I read the review. Some hotels like the cancun hotel is in the city but it seems like most of the travellers complained the same thing about hotels in the city which is the noise. Hotels near the beaches look really nice but they are quite far away from the city and I am afraid that the whole trip will be a tiring one. Decision, decision, decision.

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