Barcelona, Spain

At last, we booked a trip to Barcelona, Spain last night. Reading the hotel reviews was not a good experience. Sometimes, it may help to make decision faster but sometimes, it just gives you more headache as to which one to choose. I do not recall choosing a hotel to stay in Italy was that difficult. Anyway, we booked it already and we are just waiting for the day to come. At the end of the booking process, there was tons of advertisement as usual. This time round, we got to see life insurance leads advertisement as well as a £15 cash back voucher. That voucher was a tricky one as below the voucher, there was a line of words with tiny little font stating that there will be a £10 monthly fee in order to enjoy the promotions and cash back voucher offered. That was the most ridiculous offer I had ever seen but it will not be the last, I believe.

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