Virgin Media support

For the last few weeks, our house phone was not working. Mee and I tried to test it with another cable or another phone and it just did not work. In the end, we had to call Virgin Media support. One week later, the service engineer came and fixed it. He claimed that it was caused by a cable not being connected properly. Before he came, he actually text me to say that if I were to cancel the appointment, reply with a word ‘cancel’. I thought that was nice compared to the previous service engineer who came to connect our phone line. That guy was not on time and did not actually fix the problem properly.

Anyway, my view on Virgin Media has changed a little bit. Virgin Media website has also introduced an online backup storage for all of its users. I did not bother to use it because I just do not trust online backup storage at the moment. Eventually, I might use it because it is free anyway.

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