Formatting Omnia …

It is coming to the end of half term. As most of the staffs are not around, I am able to clear some of my tasks, slowly. Every now and then, I get a few requests which I try to finish them off as soon as possible. At the end of the two weeks where my manager is away, I feel that I have achieved something even though most of the tasks which he handed over to me are still pending. Well, that something is a website which allows staffs to search student information, course information and view reports. Before I was handed the task to work on it, the website was pretty standard and a lot of duplications. I managed to simplify some of the links as well as making the pages more user-friendly. In addition, the information displayed is more useful and redundancy is kept to minimum. Now, I am just waiting for my manager to come back and give his opinion.

Yesterday, I took up the courage to format my Samsung Omnia. After a few months of using it, I thought formatting will improve its performance as well as giving me the opportunity to try out some new programs. I have gone back to the combination of SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 and SU2U instead of Wisbar Advance Desktop. Wisbar Advance Desktop is just not stable enough and I hate the idea of tap and hold to modify the desktop.

The clock changes last week. Mee and I were not aware of it and I sent Mee to work an hour early on Sunday. On the way, the street was very deserted. Upon reaching Mee’s workplace, we were surprised as it was still closed. I would have imagined that there were already customers in and out of the store. In the end, Mee was told by a colleague of hers, who was also waiting, that the clock had changed.

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