Clean Omnia …

Since I have formatted my Omnia, I believe that I will do it more frequently as long as I backup my personal information such as the contacts, sms and tasks. I felt that the phone is more responsive and cleaner since most of the unused software has been removed. Once thing, which I do not quite understand is the formatting of the internal storage. My Omnia is the 8GB model and even after formatting the internal storage, it only formatted the system files instead of the whole 8GB. I wonder if it was a good thing since it did not clear my files.

One thing which is bothering me now is when my sister called me the other day, the call just ended itself every five minutes or so. It was proved to be my phone problem when my sister called Mee instead and the conversation went on for more than 10 minutes. I reckoned that it was because of the reception at that time or a known problem in the power settings. I have made some adjustment to the power settings and hopefully, it will be fine from now.

In preparation to Mee and my vacation in Barcelona, I have downloaded Spain’s map onto my Omnia’s GPS software. I have done it previously for our Italy’s trip but we did not bother to use it and we were relying purely on the map we obtained from the hotel. However, I believe that this time, we will be using my Omnia and map to guide us.

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