My ideal weight …

Just days after cleaning up my Samsung Omnia, I am now thinking of formatting it again. But this time, I will be flashing cooked ROM instead of using official Samsung Omnia ROM. Cooked ROM is a customised ROM where it claims to free up the space taken by some useless programs. One of the reasons of using cooked ROM is that I would like to test the latest Windows Mobile 6.5 since Samsung Omnia’s Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional is not upgradeable. I hope that I will not be disappointed after the flashing my Omnia to a cooked ROM as it seems to be a bit difficult to flash back to official ROM. Anyway, I have the choice to use some other Windows Mobile 6.1 cooked ROM which have proved to be stable.

My weight gaining plan has been going on for five months and I have to say that I am quite please with the results. A few more kilograms and I will have to stop, as that will be my ideal weight even though I am already in the ideal BMI now. However, everything comes with a price. Some of my working shirts and trousers have become very tight. I need to start shopping for new shirts and trousers. My T-shirts still fit since they are stretchable but some of them look small when I wear them. Anyway, I am still hoping to achieve my target weight and from that point onwards, I can concentrate on my training and relax on my eating.

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