Samsung Omnia on cooked ROM

I have successfully flashed a cooked ROM on my Samsung Omnia. It is running on Windows Mobile Professional 6.5 and I am really impressed with the way it works compared to the official ROM. The official ROM is not as fast and sensitive as the cooked ROM but at least, all the functions work. On the cooked ROM, not everything works and as you use it, you will find that it is less stable. Do not get me wrong, as my comments are not to say that cooked ROM is bad. Overall, I still prefer the cooked ROM and I doubt that I will ever change it back to the official ROM.

So far so good, the GPS and GPRS are both working but I have not tried the WiFi connection yet. I am quite certain that it will work. One thing that troubles me is the camera. The ROM loads the camera about nine times out of ten. Whenever it does not work, I have to either soft reset it or just leave it alone and it will work later on. I am also trying to find a live chat programme and I believe that Fring will be the first one to try. As long as the WiFi connection works, Fring should work. Well, the list of the good things with cooked ROM just goes on and on. I might do a post on All My Reviews since I have somehow made it redundant for two months now.

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