Not so reliable TomTom

Back at home again. It was a fun and pleasant trip to Barcelona though we experienced some unpleasant things the first day and the last day. Well, Mee and I had a difficult time searching for the Luton Airpark because our TomTom Navigator was not able to guide us to the Luton Airpark correctly. The junction that the TomTom requesting us to turn did not even exist and the people in a nearby town were unable to tell us the exact location of Luton Airpark. In the end, we had to stop at the side of the road and ask a worker who was repairing the road. We still manage to get to the airport on time. It was kind of funny the way the worker described the roundabout. He referred the roundabout as an island.

I guess that we will have to update our TomTom. The update will be as easy as plugging in the TomTom to the computer using USB cable and purchase the updated map to upload onto the TomTom. I wonder how other people would have to do to update their in-car gps. Do they have to update it through the dealer? That would be expensive, wouldn’t it?

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