Christmas shopping …

It is quite a weird day. A couple of hours back, it was bright and sunny and I actually felt hot at my workplace. Anyway, I am still tied down with a couple of tasks. I have not gone through the photos taken in Barcelona, Spain. I guess I will do it this weekend.

Tomorrow, the office will be calm and quiet. A few colleagues of mine have taken some days off to do Christmas shopping. Hmm… Christmas is only a month from now. As usual, Mee and I will be going to my sister’s place in London to celebrate Christmas.

Few weeks ago, I flashed my Samsung Omnia with a cooked ROM. It works alright but since the creator of the ROM has decided to leave the scene, I thought I might find another ROM to play with. I found one and over the next few days, I might flash my Samsung Omnia with it. Now that I have the full rights on my office computer, I might even flash my Samsung Omnia during lunch hour!

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