Weight loss

Thinking back of Mee and my trip to Barcelona, I have actually lost 1 kilogram. When I started putting on weight by eating more and training in the gym, I was only able to gain an average 2.5 kilogram per month. Well, I have to say that I did not eat much in Barcelona and Mee and I were walking around the city everyday. Now I begin to worry about what will happen if I go back to Malaysia next year. On the other hand, I should be worried about this Christmas first because Mee and I will be at my sister’s place, which means no training but I must try to eat more just to maintain my weight. I just do not quite understand why my body weight would drop so easily yet it is so hard for me to gain weight. I bet that I can lose weight faster than people who are on appetite suppressant.

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    It seems strange because some people trying to loose their weight but could not and your weight drop so easily.

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