Still Fiddling Samsung Omnia

It has been a lazy weekend especially it was raining all day long yesterday as well as today. The bad news is that Mee has a sore throat. Hope that she will recover in no time.

Hmm… I still have not revived my All My Reviews blog. I am still quite busy at work, trying to figure some coding and things like that. On the other hand, I am also actively trying to find the best cooked ROM for my Samsung Omnia. These things should have been posted on All My Reviews but I always wait until I gather more information. I am using FloTanium ROM at the moment and it is faster than the previous ROM that I used. I still quite like a few features in the previous ROM but it was not very stable and slow. I use my Samsung NC10 to flash the cooked ROM. I remember seeing some forum posters saying that older refurbished laptops have caused problems when flashing cooked ROM. I am not sure how true it is but I am glad that I bought my Samsung NC10 from new.

Hopefully, I will soon find the strength and time to post in All My Reviews.

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