Recreational Vehicle

Mee and I watched a movie called RV yesterday. The RV stands for Runaway Vacation in this movie but the true meaning of it is Recreational Vehicle, better known as caravan in the UK. However, RV is a more common term in US and they have RV parks across the US. In those parks, electricity is provided which can be connected to the RV. Apparently, it seems to be quite popular in US and they even have companies offering rv financing or RV loans. I remember that in one of the Top Gear shows, the presenters tried to find the fastest caravan by taking various models of caravan to a racetrack. At the end of the show, they presented a luxurious £750,000 RV. No wonder RV-ers need financial plan to buy an RV!

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    Movies such a great source of new ideas and inspiration. Here you got worthy idea of recreational vehicles. Nice post.

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