Just few weeks ago, there was a new colleague, under the apprentice scheme, joined the office. New office furniture was brought in and a few tables were moved around to adjust the spaces available. You see, my department manager is the head of five different but closely related departments and the new colleague has to do the job of four of the five departments. Thus, she will only be in my office in the morning and the rest of the evening, she will be in another department. I reckon that the workload will be equal but how can she possibly do her job efficiently if she were to handle four different types of tasks? At the end of the day, someone will have to follow up her tasks while she goes to another department.

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    Being Multi-tasking is something to be like a computer. Its really difficult job. She must be in stress related to four different task.

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    I also agree with you how can a person do five things at a time in different departments.It’s very difficult for a human being to be Multi-tasking.

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