Voucher from Monster Supplements

I just received a £15 voucher from Monster Supplements, the website where I usually buy my PhD supplements. The voucher can be used on any products including accessories, weight gain products as well as the best weight loss supplements. I am of course not interested in weight loss products but I wonder if I should change from consuming muscle building products to weight gaining products. The voucher ends this month and that should give me plenty of time to think about.

3 responses on “Voucher from Monster Supplements

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    Well! you get benefited by the voucher and I am glad that you did not waste the voucher. Its the best thing I find in you. Anyways phd supplements really works.

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    If you want to gain weight by these supplements so i will prefer you for just protein and increase your eating schedule.

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    I will never recommend to use this supplements because as far as my knowledge is concern these supplements have steroids.

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