Tough times

For the past few weeks, I have been working on the college internal website. I have learned a lot especially AJAX, Javascript and ASP. I am still not well versed but I was able to bring more fun to the website. It has not been officially transferred to the live system because it will be a major change and it has to go through the higher management group before it can be introduced college wide. My department manager is quite excited to introduce this but I, on the other hand, still think that there are a lot to be done and with just me developing it, the website has to be tested thoroughly before introducing it to all the staffs.

The weather today was cold and foggy. In fact, the whole day has been foggy and the weather forecast predicts that it will be cold for the next two weeks.

Mee and I got a surprise yesterday. We have access to all the Virgin TV channels. It is a promotion offered by Virgin where existing or new customers will get access to all channels free for two months. Well, I will have to remind myself to cancel it after two months. Even though we have the access to all the channels, I still find myself clicking through channel by channel every now and then to find a programme to watch. Final verdict, it is not worth paying the price to watch all the channels. Most of the programmes were repeats and some were very old programmes. In the end, we found ourselves watching Nothing to Declare, World War II, The World Strictest Parents and a programme about social security disability benefit buster which I forgot the name. Yeah, all facts and documentaries.

4 responses on “Tough times

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    Congrats for this worthy project. I think such big projects have lot more things to learn as you say, i think we should take advantages of such opportunities which come rarely in our life.

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    The weather is still foggy and cold and I think you are still suffering for that.I wish the foggy weather not affect your health.Thanks for sharing your personal experience.

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    It sound bad that you are still not well but I like your dedication. Congrats for your college site project, hope it will be a great achievement for you.

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