PhD or Maximuscle

I think about two months ago, I ordered two tubs of PhD ISO-7 supplement and now, it is time to order again. Remember that I mentioned that I have a £15 voucher from Monster Supplement? I was wrong and it is actually a Maximuscle voucher. On the other hand, I saw an advertisement from another website offering discount on PhD supplement with free PhD Catalyst. Well, I assume that the PhD Catalyst is some kind of vitamins and fat busting supplements rather than slimming pills. Anyway, that left me with two choices; PhD plus PhD Catalyst or Maximuscle. Both of them seem to be a good deal and I might get both of them in the end.

4 responses on “PhD or Maximuscle

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    Did the PhD ISO-7 supplement worked,I have also got voucher from Monster Supplement this Christmas ,if you reply me that whether it work or not than i will go for it.

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    I think the last commentator has said right about natural supplements I think first should make confirm about the steroids in these supplements.

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    Natural supplement is always preferred when think of slimming rather than using slimming pills.Slimming pills always have side-effects.Great post.

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    Its great to have such vitamin fat busting supplement rather than having slimming pills that can show ill effect also. Thanks for the valuable information.

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