Snowing before Christmas …

As Christmas is approaching, everyone in the workplace seems to have paced down a bit and waiting to celebrate Christmas. Today, my manager and I will be doing the system upgrade. Hopefully, it will be completed by the end of the day. Tomorrow, we will have the usual secret Santa thingy and it should be fun. On Wednesday, which is the start of our Christmas holiday, my department will be having Christmas lunch at the Café Rouge, a restaurant located at the top of the town. We were supposed to be working on Wednesday but we received an email from the principal stating the college will close from Wednesday. However, we have already booked our Christmas lunch and we decided not to change it.

It was snowing last Thursday night but the ice has not melted. The road just outside Mee and my rented place is still covered with ice or snow if you like. At some point, my car’s traction control indicator light was blinking because the road was too slippery. Mee and I had our Christmas dinner with one of our housemates last Saturday and I had a hard time trying to park the car. The road was so slippery at the car park that the car would just spin the wheel and not going anywhere. Luckily, everything was fine in the end and we had a nice but kind of expensive Christmas dinner.

Oriental City, Colindale

Snow – Picture taken today

And it is snowing again now; quite heavily. Hope that it does not get any worse.

5 responses on “Snowing before Christmas …

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    Merry Christmas to you.Snowing Christmas are always remembered because it is so powerful .I love snow filled Christmas.

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    I always miss this type of snowing Christmas because in my place the min temp is only 4 deg.You are really lucky that you are celebrating white Christmas.

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    I am in Australia. We never have white xmas! Its forecasted to be over 30c (100f) here on xmas day. Wanna swap??? Nothing worse than roasting a turkey all day in a hot house!

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    Marry Christmas to you. I know its really hard time to express also but you are lucky that you and Mee both are safe and sound but its quite expensive dinner to you both.

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