Bad new year experience

The weather is cold as usual. I went to the gym this morning and it was business as usual. I did some weight lifting but not too heavy since I have not been doing any exercise for the last couple of weeks. Everything will be back to normal now; work and gym.

Sometime next month, Mee and I will be back in Malaysia for a few weeks. Hopefully, it will not be as stress as our previous trips. I have also been searching insurance online but most probably; I will buy insurance from my friends in Malaysia. Hence, I will be meeting my friends to discuss about various insurance policies that are suitable for someone living abroad like me. I am not sure they will be able to explain it in detail through email but I have already asked them to prepare a quote for me.

Two days ago, we had a bad experience with our neighbour. At midnight, they were kind of noisy and had turned up the volume of the television set to quite loud. It was unbearable. So we went next door and asked them politely to turn down the volume. The guy who answered the door agreed so we went home. However, they had not turned down the volume. Hence, we went next door again and before we even started saying anything, the lady owner who answered the door started to say that we have no rights to ask them to be quiet as it is only once a year and blah blah blah. From that moment, we knew that they thought that they will always be ‘RIGHT’ and there was nothing we can say.

We have spoken with the lady owner several times before and she seemed nice even though her husband does not even bother to look at us at times. But after that incident, we will keep our distance and we will report it to our landlord when he comes.

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