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Selangor is one of the states in Malaysia. On 2nd January 2010, it had its first ‘No Plastic Bag Day’. Upon reading the topic, I thought it only lasted a day but it was a good beginning to educate fellow Malaysians. After reading the report, the Selangor government actually encourages every retailer to promote ‘No Plastic Bag Day’ every Saturday.

Most of the European countries have started charging customers for plastic bags. Sadly, retailers in UK seem to have different opinions. The only place where I know that charges customers for plastic bags is Lidl. In Morissons, some of the checkout operators give out plastic bags depending on the quantity of items purchased. However, some adamant customers just demand more and more plastic bags even if they only bought a few items.

Anyway, as much as I dislike the many things that are implemented in Malaysia, no doubt that ‘No Plastic Bag Day’ is a very good move.

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    The No Plastic Bag Day’ initiative was kicked off in Selangor on 2nd January 2010 with the aim to encourage further reduction of plastic bag usage.

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