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This morning, I switched on my computer and it started to reboot itself every time it reached the Windows XP startup screen. Yeah, I know, I am still using Windows XP. Well, who cares! I actually care but at the moment, I will just stick to Windows XP. The first thing that I thought of was the files on the desktop. I thought of going into safe mode and copy all the files into another partition but safe mode was not accessible too. My last resort would be to take out the hard disk and connect it to my netbook but before that, I thought that I should try Windows XP repair option.

From my experience, nine out of ten Windows XP problems could not be fixed by Windows XP repair. I still tried that and it works. I wonder what caused Windows XP to reboot itself over and over again. After the repair, I launched Firefox and it started to have advertisement pop-ups of eczema and loans. I closed Firefox instantly and I started scanning the computer with Lavasoft Ad Aware and it found a Trojan but I doubt that was the cause of the problem. Anyway, everything is good as long as I do not have to format my computer.

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    My PC had also infected by Trojan horse virus. It changed my every file size and created for me a big problem. then i formatted the PC ,as you did.

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