Delayed by snow

A while ago, I ordered a weight gain supplement from another website. As mentioned, the purpose of the supplement is to increase my weight. My previous supplements were more suitable for muscle building and workout purposes and my weight now is sort of static. Hence, I thought that I should try something else and I saw an offer from the other website; £29.99 of PhD Nutrition Pharma Gain and PhD Catalyst. PhD Catalyst is a pack of multivitamins capsules which claims to be the most athlete-friendly anti-oxidants.

Members are able to earn 1 point for every £1 spends and each point is equivalent to 25 pence. Based on the price and points, I decided to order from the website. The standard delivery states 3-5 days. However, it did not arrive after day five and I sent an email to ask about the order status. It was due to the snow and the customer support could only reply that the item will be delivered after the weather condition gets better. I was shocked by the reply because I still get my letters every other day. Furthermore, an item which I ordered from Comet was only delayed by a day and it was delivered on Sunday! I may still order from that website because the price is the best at the moment.

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