Old friends

It snowed just now. It started quite heavily but at the end of it, it was not as bad as it seemed to be. Otherwise, it could have caused massive traffic. I doubt it will snow later on.

I logged on to Facebook to reply a message sent by my friend. We were roommate seven or eight years ago. Everytime I thought of how long we have known each other, I would also think about my primary school’s classmates. I have friends whom I known for more than 20 years. What happen after another 10 years? I would have known my ex-roommate for 18 years and friends whom I know for more than 20 years would have been 30 years. It is hard to imagine but here we are.

Apparently, there are more jobs at the beginning of the year and some of my friends have already started their find a job campaign. To me, I do not quite like the idea of changing job as long as it is not the worst job. Honestly, my first job was my worst job ever while the second job was the most challenging and hardest. To job finder, believe in yourself!

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    Face book such a great way to keep in touch with our old friends. In our busy life we can’t able to met them and talk them for a while. But such social site are proving very helpful to get rid of this problem.

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    It sounds good that you have got the chance to met your old friend. After reading this post. I recalled my every old friend. Thanks for realize me.

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