The best diet?

Remember the PhD Catalyst which I mentioned a while ago. I have only consumed two in the span of four days and I already love it. It contains almost all ingredients of my daily supplement intake plus anti-oxidants. I am not saying that it is making me formidable but it certainly makes a difference compared to my usual daily supplements. In addition, I feel that I have started to gain some weight after consuming PhD weight gain. As much as I like about these products, something tells me that I should not totally rely on them. Anyway, I will gradually decrease the intake as soon as I reached my targeted weight. My biggest challenge still, is whether I will be able to maintain my weight when I go back to Malaysia. But if my weight starts ballooning, I wonder if PhD has some quick weight loss product. Nah, I would not try it even if PhD has the product because I believe that working out and a good diet are the best combination.

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