Skinny vs Plump

If you read my blog regularly, you would have known by now that I always talk about my weight. I used to be skinny and I am glad that I am able to describe myself as skinny in past tense. Since I am on the healthy BMI range now, I definitely feel a huge difference. I feel more confidence but on the other hand, I find my body to be warmer than before. On normal days of around 7 to 10 degrees, I would feel warm if I stay indoor. If the heating is switched on, I would feel hot. My skin feels a lot dryer compared to before. I know it usually gets dry during cold weather but I did not have too much of that problem when I was skinny.

I have more lines on my face now and hopefully, I do not have to resort to finding the best wrinkle cream. By the way, I am not that old though and at the moment, Garnier Eye Roll On seems to do the job.

Furthermore, 70% of my clothing is too small for me now and I have to revamp my collection of clothing. That caused some serious headache for Mee.

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  1. myi4u

    erm… most body builders are using the same supplements and I will only use supplements recommended by people who actually use them. By the way, I visit various forums and there are few good brands out there which can be safely consumed.

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    It could be a side effect of those supplements which you have used in getting your desire weight. I am not sure but may be.

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