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Few more days and Mee and I will be going back to Malaysia for a long vacation. Time flies as always. There are lots of things happening recently. My car was finally fixed yesterday. It failed the MOT because of the exhaust system but luckily, it was nothing too serious. Too bad that the workshop that did my car’s first MOT and full service did not have the facility to check the problem with the exhaust. Still, I am relief that it was fixed yesterday. Now, I will have to worry about the road tax which I am about to pay this Saturday.

There are also a few things happening related to my job. The internal website is up and running now and our team has received a lot of good feedback and we are about to take things one step further. In other words, I will be very busy when I come back from Malaysia. My job title might change as well considering that my current job responsibility is totally unrelated to my job title. We also have a few meetings with our principal and everything is fine and well. By the way, everyone is very supportive even though there are still a lot of works needed to be done.

What do you think of iPad? Mee thought that it looks bad and weird. I thought iPad is great and I wonder what kind of price will be set in UK. In US, it costs $499 which is considered affordable in UK. I would have traded in my netbook for iPad if the price is right. But fat hope I think. Like many Apple products, iPad does not come with too many accessories. If you own an iPhone, you would normally need to buy additional iphone accessories because the accessories that comes together with the iPhone itself is just not enough. Still, their products are always high on demand.

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    I just got a new speaker setup that has a universal dock setup type deal. However it didn’t come with adapters. Is there any accessory I can buy that comes with the universal dock adapter for the i Phone 3G?

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    I have planned to stop over for 2-3 days in Malaysia how can i best use it. Where can i shop for the best price?,what is the must see location and whats the safest and cheapest hotel accommodation which would be easier to commute to all sightseeing locations.

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    Congrats for your site which is getting better feed back. It seems to be very difficult to change the work suddenly. But i know that you will manage, all the best.

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