My brother’s dog, Shandy

Oh… by the way, one of my friends who I am going to meet this Friday is about to give birth. I am not even sure whether I will be able to meet her this Friday because she might give birth at any time. I wonder if she takes any prenatal vitamins because she is underweight and weak. However, I am sure that everything will be fine for her.

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My brother’s dog – Shandy

Above is a picture of my brother’s dog named Shandy. He was very cute and often very excited about everything and everyone. At the same time, he was afraid of everything like the fireworks and ringtones. At my brother’s house, he was very free but at my parents’ house, he has to be tied up because we were afraid that he might run away whenever he has the chance especially when the gate was opened. He was also quite clever and alert because when my brother switched on the engine of his car, he would know straightaway and started barking.

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