We are back …

Mee and I were back to UK yesterday. We arrived at London Heathrow at about 1630 but we were only able to come out from the UK border passport control at 1800. We were tired and waited for 45 minutes for the taxi that we booked. When we were in the taxi, we slept all the way. When we reached home, we saw our new housemate. The Indian guy who lived in the room above us has moved and an Englishman moved last weekend. First impression, good. We just hope that he is not the noisy kind.

Back at our room, we tidied up some of our things but soon after we took our shower, we became very sleepy. As usual, Mee jetlag-ed and I think she woke up at 0500. I do not usually get affected and I slept till the alarm clock sounded.

A few days ago, I saw news about a Please Rob Me website. It searches for tweets around the world for people who have published addresses on their tweets and mentioned that they have left their home for holiday. I believe that a lot of people do not know about this website considering that there are more than a hundred of opportunities added every minute. Cool site, huh?

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